Q. Do I have to bring sheets or bedding?

A. No, all the beds, even futons, have sheets, blankets and pillows.

(Unless you are my sister who brings her own pillow EVERYWHERE.  I know right?)

Q. Do I have to bring my own towels?

A. No, there are bath towels and beach towels at the cottage.

Q. Okay, fine, what I should bring?

A. Sandals or other water shoes if you plan to be in the water, as the zebra muscles will cut you up good.

A. Rain coats, there are spares but they are from the 70's and may be 50% lead.

Q. What about ticks?

A. Yes, there are ticks around.

In the first aid kit, there are two tick removal tools, please follow instructions.

After removal, consider taking the tick and putting in a ziploc bag and putting in the freezer.  After leaving take to your local health department to be tested for Lyme disease.

Q. Is the tap water safe to drink?

A. No, fish poop in that water, what are you thinking?  Bottled water is available on the island.

Q. Wait, it's on an island?  Isn't that kinda isolated?

A. The name 'Stewart Island' wasn't a tip off?  Not the the sharpest tool in the shed are you?

Q. Should I bring bug spray or sun screen?

A. No, we have bug spray, after bite, sun tan lotion, sun block and some really ugly hats for you to wear.

Q. Where is the nearest grocery store / beer store / LCBO / pet store / hospital / Canadian Tire / gas station / Fire Station / ... ?

A. Perth.

Q. Do you have a phone number?  What kind of cell phone coverage is there?

A. No phone, its an island remember?  Bell and Telus coverage is excellent, Rogers coverage sucks.  Shocking, I know.

A. There is WiFi on the island, ask for the password.

Q. I am really thirsty, where should I buy the bottled water from?

A. Buy the water from / return empties to Barnabe's Independent in Perth, south side of hwy 7.